Phil Iwasaki Entertainment Welcomes Lazarus Cole To Our Family

Phil Iwasaki Entertainment Welcomes Lazarus Cole To Our Family


(March 11, 2019) Phil Iwasaki Entertainment is proud to welcome Lazarus Cole to our family.


Cole’s musical journey contrasts from other artists, as his story is one which is heartwarming, full of admiration, tragedy, and strong will of how one man overcame all adversities through the power of love and ambition.


Cole started playing the harmonica at the age at seven, and at the age of eleven naturally started playing blues after getting a hold of the gospel blues album “The Blues Night” featuring Darrell Mansfield, Glen Kaiser, and Larry Howard.


Cole started paving the way to his destiny in 2005 with the recording of his first album “Back In The Shadows”. Later that year, he opened for B.B. King at Universal Studios in Hollywood, with Prince and Guitar Shorty among the attendees. By the end of the year, Cole’s destiny would take a turn from being one of the next generation’s blues slingers to something deeper and more meaningful.


On December 16th, 2005, three days past his twenty third birthday, Cole was a passenger headed home with three friends after performing at the Visalia Brewing Company. The driver, driving recklessly, attempted to pull a drift around a curve at chaotic speeds over 100 MPH, and lost control of the car, hitting a couple of large boulders and ejecting Cole out of the rear window.


Cole, so mangled the EMT’s had to resuscitate him, was severely injured with two compound fractures of his legs, a shattered pelvis, and a complete avulsion to the spine, leaving him with paralysis to the left arm. After three months in the hospital, he sat at home in darkness and depression for a year, watching his guitar collect dust. Through the support of friends, family, fellow musicians, and the birth of his daughter, Cole eventually started to play harmonica.


In 2007 Cole, joined by old friend and guitar titan A.C. Myles, and Phil Santellan (Mofo Party Band) on bass, returned with conviction and a story to share. In the spring of that year he returned to the studio, recording his fourth album “Old Soul”, which featured Myles and his fierce, yet smooth sound on slide guitar, Santellan on bass, and Daniel Burt on drums.


A few weeks later Cole opened for Kenny Wayne Shepherd at the Visalia Fox Theater in his hometown of Visalia, CA and lit the place on fire. Cole’s Harmonica playing was fierce and powerful, and his voice full of conviction, resulting in a standing ovation and the crowd screaming his name after every song. Shepherd told him, “You’re going to be someone I’ll never forget, because that was one of the best openers I’ve ever had to follow.


Pryor Baird and Maxx Cabello Jr joined Cole in 2009 and they later recorded at the Phoenix Jubilee in 2012. Attending a local concert to see electric violinist and good friend Patrick Contreras, with his uncanny musicianship, would be a major career changing event, which would lead him to overcome his adversity and go back to being self-taught to play the guitar again.


Cole has become one of the most respected blues and rock artists in California simply because of his sound, his presence and his story of resurrection from near-death itself. Catch him live and spread the word about this bluesman and his awesome testimony.